Newborn Care

A newborn with EB, or any suspicion of having the condition needs intensive care that extends beyond primary child care such as food, shelter and a stimulating environment. If unsure, please consult your doctor to conduct relevant tests and examine your child for and accurate diagnosis, and follow his instructions.

Child Care Tips

  • Avoid lifting and frequently touching babies.
  • Wash your hands before lifting or touching the baby.
  • Place a pillow or sheepskin beneath the baby to avoid friction and blister formation.
  • Wear loose-fitting cool clothes, and avoid rough and adhesive fabrics.
  • It is best to change dressings daily of a newborn child.
  • DO NOT remove dressings stuck to the skin. Soak them in paraffin before removing.
  • Cleanse skin daily with a mild soap.
  • In the case of lesions and wounds, contact your doctor before applying any antibiotic cream or ointment.
  • Keep the temperature of the baby’s room maintained. Avoid overheating roomsin order to maintain body temperature.
  • Lubricate the skin of the baby.
  • Lance the blisters (See wound management).
  • Maintain growth chart of your baby
  • Take care of your child’s nutrition (See Nutrition Chapter).